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Unlock Access to AI Voice Technology for Your Company

We're excited to announce the launch of ElevenLabs Grants, an initiative specially crafted to empower early-stage companies by granting them access to our cutting-edge voice AI technology. This program is designed to lower the barrier to entry for thousands of entrepreneurs eager to harness the power of voice AI in their products and services.

Eligibility Requirements for ElevenLabs Grants

To take advantage of this remarkable opportunity, startups or companies must detail how they plan to incorporate AI voices into their product or business. Eligibility is reserved for startups with a team size of fewer than 25 employees at the time of the award. Each fortunate recipient will be bestowed with 11 million text characters per month for a duration of three months, all at no cost, to help them navigate development, testing, and scaling their innovative products.

How Your Company Can Benefit

A broad spectrum of ventures, from individual entrepreneurs to burgeoning startups, stand to gain from the Grants program, provided they have a product or project in need of human-like AI voices. Prospective grantees are required to present a clear narrative about their product and how it incorporates our sophisticated AI voices into their business model.

ElevenLabs is vested in promoting products that extend the advantages of realistic AI voices to a larger segment of society, be it in consumer applications or B2B solutions. We champion innovation and exploration, and thus, we encourage our Grant partners to boldly expand the frontiers of their respective domains with our technology as their stepping stone into the future of human-like voice AI.

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