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Introducing SDXL Turbo

Jordan Hayes - November 30, 2023

Key Takeaways

Aspect Detail
Innovative TechnologySDXL Turbo marks a significant leap in AI image synthesis, simplifying the text-to-image process while maintaining high quality.
Adversarial Diffusion DistillationThis new technique in SDXL Turbo combines adversarial training with score distillation, enhancing image quality and reducing artifacts.
Enhanced PerformanceSDXL Turbo outperforms other diffusion models in blind tests, aligning more closely with prompts and delivering higher image quality.
Unprecedented SpeedCapable of generating 512x512 images in just 207 milliseconds on an A100 platform, setting new standards for inference speed.
Accessibility and ExplorationAvailable for personal, non-commercial use under a research license, with opportunities to explore commercial applications.
Community EngagementUpdates, discussions, and demonstrations available through social media, Discord, and Stability AI's Clipdrop platform.
Research and TransparencyDetailed research paper available, offering insights into the technical workings of SDXL Turbo.

A groundbreaking stride in the realm of AI image synthesis is making waves with the release of SDXL Turbo. It’s a state-of-the-art tool that greatly simplifies the process from text to image, requiring a fraction of the steps previously needed, all while maintaining extraordinary quality. This remarkable upgrade is a result of pioneering distillation technology which combines adversarial training with score distillation. Enthusiasts can delve into the model’s intricate workings by examining the published research paper or hands-on experimentation with the code and model weights available on Hugging Face.

SDXL Turbo stands on the shoulders of its predecessor SDXL 1.0 by embracing the innovative Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD). This approach gifts SDXL Turbo with GAN-like advantages — think images rendered in a single step, devoid of the common artifacts and blurriness of earlier methods. The technical blueprint of this advancement is detailed exhaustively in our research paper accessible to those thirsting for knowledge.

Performance wise, SDXL Turbo's prowess is undeniable. In blind tests against a range of diffusion models, generating identical prompts, SDXL Turbo consistently produced outputs in closer alignment with the initial prompt and with higher image quality, and all with considerably fewer processing steps. These feats underscore its superiority in terms of computational efficiency without compromising on the image resolution and detail.

For those seeking speed, SDXL Turbo is a revelation. Generating 512x512 images in a mere 207 milliseconds on an A100 computing platform, it sets new benchmarks for inference speed in the deep learning landscape, with a single denoising step being the key to this lightning-fast performance.

Now, SDXL Turbo is not strictly an academic pursuit; you can witness its real-time text-to-image generation capabilities firsthand. Stability AI’s Clipdrop platform is hosting a beta demonstration, offering a glimpse of what’s possible with this compelling technology.

The current release of SDXL Turbo invites personal, non-commercial experimentation under a research license. However, for those eager to harness its potential for business ventures, there are paths to explore its commercial applications.

Stay connected with the latest progress by subscribing to updates, engaging with the community through social media, and joining the vibrant discussions in our Discord server. The era of transformative AI-generated imagery is upon us, and SDXL Turbo is at its vanguard.

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